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Arena Derby

Arena Derby

SKU: #23

A mixture of Stadium & XC jumps all set up in our large (230’ x 300’) outdoor sand arena!


  • A chance to get over some solid obstacles while the ground is still soft for XC schooling!
  • Classes ~ Intro, BN, Novice & Training
  • Can enter as many rounds as you want, at any level!!!
  • Scored on jump faults and closest to Optimum Time
  • Ribbons 1st thru 6th
  • Add-on rounds allowed at the gate but you must be pre-entered for at least 1 round.
  • Jr Division Levels apply if under 18 as of Jan 1, 2021


Fence Heights:
Intro - 2’
BN - 2’7”
N - 2’11”
T - 3’3”

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