Schooling Shows || Clinics


Future Event Horse Weekend

Jul 10 & 11

Sponsored by ENYDCTA, hosted by Larkin Hill


July 10 - Sporthorse handling clinic with Bobby Murray, Freeport Equestrian Center - Sporthorse Handling for Breed Shows


July 11 - USEA FEH Tests: Yearlings, 2-Year Olds, 3-Year Olds & 4-Year Olds, Judged by Sally Ike

Intro Horse Trials & Open Dressage Schooling Show

Sep 25

PLEASE NOTE mailing address is different than other schooling shows.

To enter the Intro Horse Trials and Open Dressage Schooling Show.

Those entered in the Recognized HT are allowed to enter Dressage Only classes on Sat.

Dressage & CT Schooling Show

Oct 3

Dressage and Combined Test schooling show

Offering every type of dressage test and CT through Prelim.