Larkin' Hill riders celebrate a very successful year!

(R to L): Barb Brady, Margie Hutchison, Chelsea Bryant,
Jessica Madsen & Sally Lampson

Show season is over but there are still some great clinics being hosted at Larkin' Hill...check out the Clinics/Shows/Events Page.


Meet the Boarders...Tracy Tress with her horses Story and Calisto 

After several years of foxhunting with the Old Chatham Hunt Club, I moved to Larkin Hill to pursue amateur eventing.  I brought along Story, my lovely Quarter Horse gelding and Vermeer, who is now owned by my sister, Jackie.  The minute I arrived, a whole new horse world opened up for me. 

Larkin Hill is a bustling, friendly and beautiful facility that is filled with horses and riders of all different levels.  Colleen Laier is the Barn Manager and along with her crack team, expertly oversees all aspects of horse care.  I have come to adore the people at Larkin Hill and often refer to them as ‘My Tribe’.  

Like several boarders at Larkin Hill, I rode as a girl and then took too many years off.  My early bad riding habits stayed with me, and Margie has shown remarkable patience in trying to undo them.   I have learned a tremendous amount about proper riding and horsemanship under her tutelage.  While my bravery is still a work in progress, she has gently pushed me into accomplishing things I never thought possible.  I carry Margie’s lessons with me all day, every day.  

Another great thing about Larkin Hill is that it accommodates riders of several disciplines – eventing, dressage and hunters/jumpers.  I recently purchased Calisto, a Danish Warmblood gelding and have turned into a full-fledged DQ.  Margie has helped me to switch gears and while a big work in progress, Calisto and I are steadily moving forward.  In addition to advantages gained from Margie’s expert eye, she graciously invites clinicians to teach at Larkin Hill, which is a tremendous benefit to my efforts, to boarders and the surrounding horse community. 

Most of all, Story and Calisto are happy and healthy.  Their comfort is a testament to the wonderful care and atmosphere at Larkin Hill, and I can’t imagine them living anywhere else. 



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