John Roach & Royal View "aka Zeke"
  Cailin Sanford & Arroyo Gra

 Mark Giandomenico

 Mark Giandomenico & Carugo &
(photo courtesy of Flatlandsfoto '15)


September 6 - Join us for the next recognized horse trials!!!
June Event:
Cecelia Bette & Myster K
1 of 2 horses this accomplished young lady rode at the June 14th event. 
Amelia Pitts & Justa Believer
Great come back after a year off due to an injury!
Placed 3rd in their division.
... & Jake Vi
Her 2nd horse going ON
Cailin Sanford & Arroyo Grande
Made it through the water!!!
R-B CaCaiC
  & Car

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