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Two recognized Horse Trials for 2015!
June 14 and September 6 

Meet the Boarders...Mark Anthony Giandomenico with is partner Carugouugoarugo 

Being at Larkin Hill was no lark. I've known Margie for 25 years and my riding career has been a little spread out over the years to say the least. I always hoped that someday I would ride and train at Larkin Hill and finally it has happened! Margie’s guidance to help look for a new event horse was amazing and she made sure I purchased the right one for me. The whole thing was a crazy process, but also a great learning experience. At last, training now has been a dream come true! The barn is like a BIG family that watches out for one another and respect for one another’s riding. We all have goals, some more than others but there never any put downs and there’s always someone with a helping hand. The first time I saw Margie ride was at the 1986 Old Chatham hunt meet. I thought I want to ride like that someday! Thanks Larkin Hill for the chance!   



 Larkin' Hill Farm :: 515 County Route 32 :: North Chatham, NY 12132
Phone: 518.441.2176 :: email: mhutch5100@aol.com